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Abraham Lake

Abraham Lake: Our most recommended tours and activities

Clearwater County: Canadian Rockies Scenic Helicopter Tour

1. Clearwater County: Canadian Rockies Scenic Helicopter Tour

Choose between a 20-minute, 30-minute, or 55-minute tour over the Canadian Rockies with a professional pilot. The day starts at the helicopter base surrounded by mountain views. Go through a thorough safety briefing with the flight crew before learning about the controls and getting kitted out with a professional headset. Feel the excitement build as the crew readies for takeoff. Once in the air, the itinerary will vary depending on the option selected. Either way, breathtaking sights are guaranteed. 20-Minute Tour Deep in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, take in an incredible view of Abraham Lake - its incredible blue color and unique bubble patterns are truly a sight to see. After a glimpse of the lake, continue the flight around the Canadian Rockies. 30-Minute Tour The most popular of the 3 flights, this adventure covers crevasses, glaciers, and waterfalls over the beautiful Wilson Icefield. Soar at a cool 100mph, 9000ft (2900m) over Cline Pass. Admire the impressive fierceness of the mountains while flying alongside them. 55-Minute Tour The “Complete Columbia Icefields Tour” is just that – a complete, full, 55 minutes of gorgeous scenery and ancient ice. See the iconic Columbia Icefield the way it was intended, an awe-mazing trip highlight to remember for years to come. Marvel at incredible panoramas of waterfalls, emerald-green lakes, and mountain ridges. Pass over 6 different glaciers surrounded by frozen lakes and waterfalls. Many mountains reveal themselves along the trip, including Purple Mountain, Mount Cline, Resolute Mountain, Mount Harlan, Minster Mountain, and more. This trip is sure to leave anyone speechless. All the trips end with one last 360-degree view of the Canadian Rockies and Abraham Lake before landing softly back at the heliport.

Canadian Rockies Combo: Helicopter Tour and Horseback Ride

2. Canadian Rockies Combo: Helicopter Tour and Horseback Ride

Embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Canadian Rockies. Your experience begins with a 20-minute helicopter ride. Admire the stunning views of the mountains, lakes, and glaciers from above. Your pilot will land where the Cline River and Waterfalls Creek meet. Hop off the helicopter and explore the natural beauty of the region on foot during a 1-hour easy hike. Take in the wild beauty of the backcountry as you trek up to Twin Falls.  Here you will enjoy your delicious picnic lunch. Once you have returned from your helicopter ride, continue the adventure with a 1-hour horseback ride. Marvel at sweeping views of the mountains, crystal clear rivers, and the epic Abraham Lake.

From Banff: Icefields Parkway & Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

3. From Banff: Icefields Parkway & Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles

Snowshoe to Peyto Lake’s Viewpoint: Venture into the winter wonderland leading to Peyto Lake’s viewpoint. Feel the crunch of fresh snow beneath your shoes, marking a path few tread in the winter. Pause and absorb the raw, unspoiled beauty of the expansive Canadian Rockies. (Snowshoe rentals extra $19, please contact Radventures before booking your tickets for availability) Abraham Lake’s Ice Bubbles Phenomenon: Step onto Abraham Lake’s icy surface, be it for an ice-skate or a exploration walk. Let yourself be captivated by the mesmerizing frozen bubbles trapped beneath, a testament to nature’s artistry. Epic Icefields Parkway Exploration: Embark on a journey through the Icefields Parkway, recognized globally for its astounding scenic vistas. As you traverse this route, unveil the captivating beauty it offers and delve into the hidden gems that only the locals are privy to. Get Cozy Amongst Rockies Peaks: Nestle into a serene spot amidst the imposing Rockies. As you sip on a steaming hot drink, feel the comforting warmth of a lakeside fire, all while being enveloped by the grandeur of the towering peaks around you.

Canadian Rockies: Private Helicopter Tour and Hike for Two

4. Canadian Rockies: Private Helicopter Tour and Hike for Two

Discover the beauty of the Canadian Rockies from above on a scenic private helicopter tour for two. Admire breathtaking views of the mountains, turquoise blue lakes, glaciers, and valleys from above. Use a high-quality interactive headset to make communication with each other easier. Your pilot will land at the confluence of the Cline River and Waterfalls Creek. Here, spend 1 hour exploring the beauty of this region on foot, hiking to the Twin Falls waterfall, or enjoying a snowshoe trip. Then climb back on board the helicopter and fly back to the heliport, enjoying the fantastic views of the famous and stunning Abraham Lake.

Canadian Rockies: Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles Helicopter Tour

5. Canadian Rockies: Abraham Lake Ice Bubbles Helicopter Tour

Start the day at the base with a hearty hot buffet that might include stew, chili or soup with freshly made bread, dessert and a side salad, veggies or fruit. Then, embark on your helicopter flight over Abraham Lake. Fly over the Canadian Rockies to Landslide Lake for breathtaking views and an experience you will never forget. Admire the impressive fierceness of the massive mountains as you fly close to them. Pass over 6 different astonishing glaciers surrounded by frozen lakes and waterfalls.  After landing at Landslide Lake, go on a guided snowshoe tour with complimentary hot chocolate and Irish cream. Then, head back to base by Helicopter taking a different route back with equally spectacular views of the Rockies and valleys. When you return to base, take a seat around a fire to warm up your toes. Roast some marshmallows as you enjoy complimentary coffee or tea. Finally, take a guided walking tour with ice cleats of the Bubbles on Abraham Lake. Marvel at this natural phenomenon of methane gas getting trapped in the ice, a mesmerizing sight that makes for great pictures and attracts a lot of attention on social media platforms.

Adrenaline Canyoning Tour

6. Adrenaline Canyoning Tour

What is Canyoning!? Exploring a canyon wearing a wetsuit, harness, and helmet. On our way, we will encounter hidden waterfall and natural pools that we will pass by rappeling, downclimbing or sliding. No swimming is involved and most big obstacles can be avoided if someone doesn't feel comfortable in the group. You still need to be a bit adventurous though! ;) Adventure level Adrenaline canyons are for those who have never been canyoning before or only a few times and are in good physical condition. Tours are usually between 5 to 6 hours depending on the size of the group. You should be comfortable with heights, though we can accommodate those in the group that are less at ease and looking to challenge themselves. However, all rappels are mandatory once we are descending the canyon. All jumps and slides can be avoided by rappelling them (if the canyon has these). We might have to climb a few viaferrata ladders to access the canyon on this trip. A minimum of upper body strenght is required for that. You should be prepared to be fully submerged during this trip. We can accomodate people who don’t know how to swim but should know in advance. We will encounter some waterfalls and other obstacles that we will pass using specific canyoning techniques. For Adrenaline tours, you don’t need to have previous experience, just a sense of adventure. Our guides will teach you the rest! We are guiding in a multitude of canyons that allow us to operate during most of the season. We usually plan the trip the day before the tour to decide which canyon is best suited to the group, depending on your skills, expectations, the canyons’ conditions, as well as the weather forecast. If you already know of a specific canyon you’d wish to descend, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you.

Lake Abraham Via Ferrata Climbing

7. Lake Abraham Via Ferrata Climbing

This amazing Via Ferrata climbing route gives intermediate hikers access to the multi pitch climbing experience. Scale a 500 foot cliff with safety and enjoyment, then hike to the valley bottom.

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The tour was very well organised, the only downfall was I received an email to say a change of pick up location , however this was not true as the tour operator turned up at my specified location, causing a delay for us and the other people on the tour.

the tour was great, the ice bubbles were incredible and the guide was really nice. she told us all kinds of fun facts about Banff and even gave us tips on where to find the best food and drinks in the city

We had a great flight. The pilot had good information and made us feel very confident. So glad we did this!

We can only recommend the tour: both the landscape and our guide Simon were fantastic!

So beautiful!! Loved our guides and learned so much. Would highly recommend!