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Ghost & vampire tours

Ghost & vampire tours
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Aalborg: Historic Self-Guided Audio Walk

1. Aalborg: Historic Self-Guided Audio Walk

We will travel together back to "The old Aalborg" and learn more about Aalborg's most interesting streets, buildings, events, and personalities over the last 1000 years. You will be introduced to the city's most important merchants and hear stories from Denmark's last civil war, which took place here in Aalborg. You will also hear chilling accounts from the city's dungeons and squares. We will pass by 14 points that take us around the old Aalborg, where the city was founded and built from. The tour takes approximately 2 hours. We will move through different time periods to have a thorough experience through "The old Aalborg". There is also a quiz module in the app where you can compete with others in the group. The tour starts at Budolfi Church.

Aalborg Self Guided Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Game

2. Aalborg Self Guided Sherlock Holmes Murder Mystery Game

The Sherlock Holmes City Game is a self-guided tour that gives you a fun and interactive way to walk around the city. All you need is a phone with an internet connection. As soon as you book the game, we will send you all the information you need via email. By moving around the city, you will unlock assignments. Here you will find characters who are willing to help. But the information comes at a price! Solve their puzzles, take on hilarious photo challenges, chase down culprits and play along to get closer to solving the murder of Balthasar. IMPORTANT INFORMATION: - Difficulty level: easy – also suitable for families with children - Duration: 2 hours - Tickets: You only need to buy 1 ticket per group (1-4 people) - Each group will play with 1 device. For groups of more than 4 people, you can buy 2 or more tickets. - To book this game you need to indicate a date/time, BUT you can start whenever you like. - *NOTE: this City Game uses the city as an interactive playing field but DOES NOT provide any information about the city! HOW TO PLAY: Book the City Game, check the email we send you with the instructions, download the Loquiz App, and begin your gaming experience! Explore the city at your own pace while playing the Sherlock Holmes City Game, a self-guided tour that offers a lot of freedom and flexibility. You can play when, where and with who you want. Whether you want to play alone for personal excitement or with a group of people this is the game for you! Playing with more groups will turn into a competitive experience, perfect as a teambuilding activity. This game is a fun activity you can do while visiting a city with your family and friends or as a couple. Our City Game offers the maximum independence, you can play pause & continue whenever you want!

Aalborg Street Art: Explore 79 Wall Paintings

3. Aalborg Street Art: Explore 79 Wall Paintings

Since 2014, over 80 wall paintings have been added to the city. On this tour, you will be led around to the city's beautiful paintings and have fascinating stories told about the artists, the paintings, and their background. There will also be points on the tour where you can hear about some of Aalborg's local artists and the legal walls that exist for the city's street art scene. The route is not built chronologically, so you can start and finish wherever you wish. The tour can vary from 30 minutes to 5 hours.

Ghosts of Aalborg Outdoor Escape Game: The Witch Trial

4. Ghosts of Aalborg Outdoor Escape Game: The Witch Trial

Go on an adventure in haunted Aalborg, where you will solve riddles and crack codes to discover unique places and local stories, some of which have been forgotten by the locals. On this scary city game in Aalborg, you will follow step-by-step instructions to unlock creepy stories about haunted places such as The Monastery of the Holy Ghost, Aalborg Theatre and Hotel Phønix. Also, you will hear about the witch hunts in the Danish middle ages. Are you up for a creepy witch hunt around Aalborg? The app offers precise directions through the city. Play at your own pace. Feel free to pause and explore your surroundings whenever you wish. After you book the game, you’ll get an email with instructions on how to play. Head to the The Old Square and start the quest in the app. End the tour at the Budolfi Church. For larger groups, one person can purchase access for the entire group by selecting the number of people in the group. All group members will be able to play the city game on their smartphone. Alternatively, each person can purchase their own voucher. You can play as a group and solve the clues together as you walk, or you can split into smaller groups/teams and compete against the others. Each person can also play on their own, separate from the group, and meet the group at the end.

Aalborg during WW2: Self-guided Audio Tour with StoryHunt

5. Aalborg during WW2: Self-guided Audio Tour with StoryHunt

We are going to travel back to Aalborg during World War II, where the city and the country have been occupied by Germany. We will follow in the footsteps of a group of young boys from Aalborg, who would later become known as the Churchill Club. On our journey, we will pass by the club's headquarters and learn about where and how they carried out sabotage actions against the Germans. On the tour, you will learn how it happened that some young boys from Aalborg became known as Denmark's first resistance group – a group, highly praised by Churchill himself. Welcome to the amazing story of the Churchill Club!

Aalborg Audio Walk: Witches, Horror and Executioners

6. Aalborg Audio Walk: Witches, Horror and Executioners

We will take you back to the dark past of Aalborg when witches were visible and witchcraft schools were cultivated. On the walk you will be guided through the city's more sinister streets and will, among other things, visit a former mental hospital and hear hair-raising stories from the city's dungeons. The tour guarantees fright, as Aalborg's past offers many gruesome and monstrous stories of witch burning, executions, and ghost stories. You will be guided past 17 stories and the whole experience takes about 2 hours. Along the way you quiz about the stories you have just heard. Are you ready to unveil the dark side of Aalborg?

Copenhagen : eSIM Internet Data Plan for Denmark 4G/5G

7. Copenhagen : eSIM Internet Data Plan for Denmark 4G/5G

Experience the seamless blend of historic charm and modern innovation in Denmark without missing a beat! Our eSIM ensures you stay connected with high-speed data, whether you're wandering through the colorful streets of Copenhagen, exploring the majestic castles of Zealand, or enjoying the serene landscapes of the Danish countryside. How It Works: Purchase: Select the data package that fits your travel plans. Scan & Activate: Upon purchase, you'll receive a QR code. Scan it with your eSIM-compatible device, and you're ready to go! Stay Connected: Enjoy uninterrupted connectivity throughout your Danish adventure. Compatibility: Ensure your device supports eSIM. Check our compatibility list at for more details.

Aaalborg: Murder Mystery City Exploration Game

8. Aaalborg: Murder Mystery City Exploration Game

ClueBreak is a big outdoor event that takes place centrally in your city and cities around the world. On your way around the inner city of Aalborg and you will visit many famous places like Aalborghus Castle , Sankt Budolfi Kirke, Fredrikstorv and also see many famous places in city center along your way. First you download the app CLUEBREAK and with the code you recieve by e-mail you will login and start your adventure. You will search for witnesses, find clues, test your knowledge and solve the murder mystery. One ticket is valid for 1-6 people. You will receive an exclusive code and further information that you need to log in to our app and start the game. In the app, you will find a map with marked places and witnesses. Visit the witnesses and answer the questions and riddles to get their testimonials. The testimonials are in the form of films and contain information that will allow you to eliminate suspects and weapons. In the end, you will hopefully have the right solution to the murder mystery! THE CASE The game takes place in a fictional small town called Glenndale. A man named Carl Brown has been found murdered in his own home. Why did someone want to kill Carl? Who had the motive and opportunity? Your task is to find out who the guilty one is and which murder weapon was used. This is our first case and more will come. We estimate that it takes at least 2h to complete the assignment. It usually takes a longer time as you may want to watch the testimonials an extra time, stop for a cup of coffee, or go into a place so that the whole team keeps up. It is not the fastest team that wins, but the team with the most points!



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