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From Tromsø: All-Inclusive Whale and Sea Bird Boat Cruise

1. From Tromsø: All-Inclusive Whale and Sea Bird Boat Cruise

Embark on a boat tour through the waters of Tromso and Skjervoy and watch for whales and wildlife as you gaze at the beautiful landscapes of Norway. Spot different animals, in particular, the Orca, and learn the history from your guide. Begin the tour at 8 AM and be the first boat into the whale-watching area from Tromso. Take your time admiring the majestic Orca whales in complete silence for the ultimate chance to hear their charming calls. While on board, delight in food and snacks, and sip on a hot drink. Look out over the landscape and hear the crew's stories and information about the whales, and other wildlife such as seagulls, the white-tailed eagle, guillemots, wider ducks, and cormorants. Discover the coast of Tromso and SKjerboy, widely considered among the best areas in the region for spotting whales. Be on the lookout for the inquisitive humpback and killer whales swimming and feeding on herring. Frame all the action through the lens of your camera. With outdoor decking and indoor seating on board the heated boat, you can enjoy an up-close experience with Norway’s native wildlife. 

Tromsø: Skjervøy RIB Whale Watching Tour

2. Tromsø: Skjervøy RIB Whale Watching Tour

Enjoy a whale-watching adventure onboard an open RIB boat. Search for humpback whales, fin whales and orcas fin their natural habitat as you admire the incredible landscape of the Arctic. Starting in central Tromsø, you can relax on the 4-hour bus journey to the island of Skjervøy, the town closest to the feeding grounds of the whales. Here, you are met by your skipper for a pre-departure briefing and provided with all you need to stay safe and warm. Then, the fun begins as you speed through the stunning fjords of Northern Norway, searching for a dorsal fin or the splash of a fluke. Have your camera at the ready to capture the stunning sights of whales in their Arctic feeding grounds. Look out for Orcas, Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, White-tailed Sea Eagles and much more. Learn about them and other local marine life with your experienced skipper. After approximately three hours at sea, you will return to harbour and warm up with a hot drink in the dressing room. From here, your guide will escort you back to the bus and give you a baguette to enjoy on the journey back to Tromsø.

From Tromsø: Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Tour

3. From Tromsø: Overnight Northern Lights & Whale Watching Tour

As the polar night weaves its enchanting tapestry, we'll bid Tromsø's city center farewell, sailing beyond the fjord for prime northern lights viewing. Gaze in wonder as the auroras dance across the Nordic wilderness. Find warmth and comfort in your heated cabin, the cozy panoramic lounge, or brave the crisp Arctic air on our spacious deck for a clearer view of the auroras. But that's not all! The adventure continues with a thrilling morning whale-watching experience, offering a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Our expert guides provide fascinating insights into their behaviour and biology, making it an educational and exhilarating experience. Onboard Quest, you'll savour Arctic cuisine in our charming restaurant and embrace the cozy ambiance of the panorama lounge. Comfort: Our large ship boasts a comfortable panorama lounge, ocean-facing cabins and a fully staffed Arctic cuisine restaurant, Safety: Your journey begins in central Tromsø, where you'll meet fellow explorers and receive a safety briefing from our expert guides and crew on board the vessel before embarking on your adventure. All-Inclusive: We provide everything you need for a overnight whale-watching and northern lights excursion, eliminating the hassle and cost of purchasing expensive winter gear, packing food, or booking individual tours.

From Skjervøy: Whale Watching in a Heated Cabin Cruiser

4. From Skjervøy: Whale Watching in a Heated Cabin Cruiser

Enjoy a whale-watching trip in the fjords around Skervøy, famous as the location of one of the largest gatherings of orcas in the world. See beautiful views of the surrounding area and the orca whales. Start the tour at Skjervøy Marina where you will be greeted by your guide/skipper for your 4-hour tour. Meet at the office at 09.30 where your guide will provide you with a flotation suit to keep you warm and comfortable during your adventure. Board one of our boats which have both indoor and outdoor seating. Cruise the fjords looking for the whales, where you are free to move around the boat's heated cabins to take photographs of the breathtaking scenery. See the place where from October to February, the whales come to feed on the Herring. Spot killer whales as well as large numbers of other whales including humpback whales and fin whales. Enjoy the views of the whales from the comfort of our boats with just a group of like-minded people. While you enjoy the views of the whales, your skipper/guide will answer any questions you may have and help you to make the most of the encounters with these incredible creatures. Admire the whales and if the situation is right a hydrophone may be deployed so that you can enjoy the extra dimension of listening to the whales. Enjoy some refreshments during your tour before returning to Skjervøy Marina at approximately 2:00 pm.

From Skjervøy: Whale-watching Cruise with a Heated Cabin

5. From Skjervøy: Whale-watching Cruise with a Heated Cabin

Start your day at Skjervøy Marina, where you will be greeted by your guide/skipper for your boat cruise. After putting on a flotation suit to keep you warm and comfortable during your adventure, board your boat. As you cruise the fjords looking for the whales, marvel at the striking Norwegian fjords towering around you. Skjervøy is well-known for its number of whales that follow the overwintering Herring into the fjords and stay in the area between November and January. The same fjords are also now the area where a large number of Sperm whales have decided to visit and stay. During your adventure, keep a lookout for other wildlife, including killer whales, humpback whales, fin whales, minke whales, pilot whales, white-beaked dolphin, and harbour porpoise. Once you spot a whale, let your skipper approach them to give you the best view possible without disturbing them. Get the chance to listen to the whales, as your boat is equipped with a hydrophone that can be placed in the water if the conditions are right. Tuck into a hot drink and waffles, before returning to the marina.

Skjervøy, Arctic Norway: Whales- and Wildlife tour

6. Skjervøy, Arctic Norway: Whales- and Wildlife tour

If you are looking for a wildlife activity, with similarity of whale safari outside of the whale season, this will be your choice! Join us cruising the fjords in our safe and steady Rib, in search for whales, mammals and birds of our region. This is a unique chance of witness the huge variety of wildlife of Arctic Norway. Is all dynamic and the presence of the species varies during the year. In the end of January, after the winter whales ends their feeding party in the fjords around Skjervøy, we still time to time see whales/ cetaceans being presence around; such as sperm whales and humpback whales. Dolphins like white beaked dolphins and harbor porpoises are residents in our areas all year round. Together with the cute marine mammals seals and otters. Even moose and reindeer on land are common to see when we approach closer to shore. We are also pleased to often bump into the amazing diversity of birdlife of the region. The eagles and cormorants are majestic in their size and wing – movement. Other fascinating seabirds as puffins, guillemots, razorbill, little auks, eider ducks, long taled ducks, arctic terns are to mention some. As a nature based activity provider with local anchoring in Skjervøy – Arctic Norway, we find story telling important to us. To introduce you to the landscape affected by countless generations of Sami and Norwegian people, and other aspects of history, is something we would be pleased to bring on the table for you. Our local guide will make sure this activity at sea is high in quality and safe, for you to feel taken care of and catered to. We look forward to being your host!

Skjervøy: Guided Fishing Trip with Local Expert

7. Skjervøy: Guided Fishing Trip with Local Expert

Set out on a remarkable fishing expedition with Derwola Adventure in Skjervøy, where you'll be guided by a local expert on his own boat. Your Arctic fishing adventure begins with a briefing at Skjervøy Harbor, where you'll meet your experienced skipper and discuss the day's itinerary. As you embark on this unique journey, your local skipper will prepare the boat with all the necessary fishing equipment. Skjervøy is renowned for its stunning views of fjords, mountains, and the exceptional frozen landscapes of the Arctic. Sit back and take in the breathtaking surroundings and the remarkable Arctic biodiversity as you head to the ideal fishing location. The primary goal of this adventure is to offer you the best Arctic experience, complete with encounters with diverse wildlife in the region. On board, you'll have the opportunity to learn various traditional fishing techniques, contributing to the preservation of marine life. Derwola Adventure's boat, an Arvor 810 (27 feet), can accommodate up to 4 guests and your skipper. The combination of tranquility on board and the excitement of fishing makes for an unbeatable experience. Come aboard and immerse yourself in Norway's stunning landscapes and wildlife. This fishing trip is perfect for those seeking an authentic and immersive Arctic fishing adventure.

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Impressive experience, we were lucky enough to see all 3 types of whale after driving to Sjkervoy for 2-3 hours with spectacular views of the fjords. Sperm whales, orcas and humpback whales! (We were very lucky, we had not seen orcas for days) Very cold outside the boat, especially hands and feet, (although with the possibility of asking for warm clothes, we did not find out so ask for them if you need them) and if you get seasick, I recommend 2 biodraminas half an hour before getting on the boat, they were great for me, my sister was not as lucky. Special mention to the guides Raúl and Pedro, Chilean and Brazilian, who spoke to us in Spanish constantly so that we understood everything and were super friendly as well as getting excited at each sighting. On the way back the boat had some technical problems and it took us about two more hours to arrive, but these are things that happen, in the end we arrived at the port in time to go directly to our next excursion and see the Auroras that day!!!

The whaling was canceled due to the fact that the herring had left, so no whales. They indicated this on time and as an alternative they offered us the boat trip with Noorderlight. This was cheaper and the rest was refunded within 1 day. great service. But what an experience, in addition to the fantastic experience of this natural phenomenon, we had a super trip, sitting warm inside and a super friendly crew. If you want to experience this in terms of price and quality for Norwegian standards, we recommend this teip with a large tip. Very simple.

It was great. I saw a lot of dolphins and whales. The scenery along the way was very beautiful. The tour guide was also very enthusiastic and could speak a little Chinese. The indoor snacks on the boat were quite warm, and there was enough hot water, coffee and hot cocoa. All in all, it was great!

It was impressive, we sailed 3 hours until we reached the bay where the whales and orcas were. We enjoyed them for a long time and our guides were friendly and charismatic. 100% recommended

The captain was very nice and we saw a lot of sperm whales